Blue Ridge Sacred Chorale

Information for singers

BRSC is an auditioned choir. Auditions are scheduled prior to the start of an upcoming concert. Contact Tim Shepard to schedule an audition.

Singers will meet individually with the director. A prepared solo is helpful and can be anything from a favorite hymn or folk song to an aria or art song.
In addition, singers should be prepared to vocalize, sight read, and respond to other music assessment exercises.

A successful candidate will be proficient in music reading skills and experienced in choral singing.

Rehearsals take place at Brevard FUMC choir room on Thursday evenings. from 7:00-9:00.

Attendance is expected. More than two absenses per concert season should be discussed with the director. Continued participation with BRSC could be jeopordized by excessive absenses. In the event of missing a practice, it is expected that singers will be responsible to learn music rehearsed in their absense.

Dues for participation is per $50 / concert / singer. Dues cover costs of the organization, advertising, printing, etc..
Scholarships are available based on need, ability, needs of the choir.

Music will be borrowed and returned at the end of the season.

Dress for concerts is concert black.
Women: long or knee length black dress, or black slacks and black long sleeve blouse.
Men: black dress pants, black long sleeve button down shirt with collar.